Multi-platform FormMail is a port of MSA Formmail to systems using the Net::SMTP perl SMTP library


Formmail+SMTP 1.93 supporting windows is now available.

Notes about this version:
  • A new variable, $mailhost, specifies the SMTP server to be used for sending the form data. If this variable is undefined or empty, FormMail works as before (i.e. is uses $mailprog)
  • An error is reported to the user if the SMTP session with $mailhost fails, asking them to try again later
  • Works on both Windows and UNIX (don't need sendmail!)
Notes on Windows configuration:
  • Make sure you have perl.exe in the path. If not, change the #! line in FormMail.pl to specify the exact path to perl.exe
  • By default $mailhost is set to 'mailhost', change this to your mail hub hostname
Notes on UNIX configuration:
  • The default setup of 1.93+SMTP assumes Windows, you may need to change the #! line to specify where perl is
  • If you want to go back to $mailprog (i.e. sendmail) style messaging, just comment out the $mailhost variable